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15.12.2020! Λίγο πριν τελειώσει μια δύσκολη χρονιά, συνεχίζοντας με επιμονή την προσπάθεια για ένα καλύτερο αύριο, πραγματοποιήσαμε μια ιδέα που υπήρχε εδώ και μήνες! Ένα Business Directory με την ελπίδα να μπουν μέσα όλες οι επιχειρήσεις από όλο τον κόσμο, χωρίς να γίνεται διάκριση σε μεγάλες και μικρές! Με κόστος Read more…


ATGBrokers support new Technologies

From the first time, by flu season, we support new technologies– screening tests that are cheaper, faster, and much more accessible… so more people can know their status and go to work feeling safe… https://security.your24shop.eu Safe Gate SG2 is used for facial recognition, temperature detection and disinfection in public places.

DFD Freeform Progressive Lenses

DFD Progressive Lenses from http://atglensorder.com DFD for DUAL SIDE FREEFORM DESIGN! A Patent from ATGBrokers from 2014!, that gives the possibility to produce progressive lenses 2 base curve less, as normally every one other freeform Process produces it can! Ideal for every semi-frame or rimless frame! DFD Freeform lenses! The Read more…

Are you online?

Are you online? You have to build your shop, you have to work at this store for many hours, but are you online? 5g.your24shop.eu is your Platform to bring you online at WorldWideWeb! Build now easy your shop and put your products in our Marketplace! Bring your products to us Read more…

Never stop dreaming

ATGBrokers – New web presence From today we present to you our new homepage atgbrokers.eu. More information about our business, and more communication, directly and through social media. Stay tuned!